About Us


Our Team

Our team was founded in March 2016, everyone in the team, youthful, positive, confident! Most importantly, we have high requirements for our work! Since its establishment, it has strict requirements on the quality of products, logistics speed and after-sales service. It focuses on improving the shopping experience of customers, making shopping as a kind of enjoyment and adding color to life.

Our Story

When the company was first established, because the talent is hard to find, the team has only 4 people in total. This state lasted for more than a year. Every day, 4 people work for 8-10 people. We try to screen better styles and quality. Products, timely and patiently give customers a reply to the mail, answer questions, and deliver the fastest speed, so that customers can receive the product as soon as possible. In the past year or so, we have created very good results, which has attracted more talents to join our team. Now, we have a complete departmental system, and our products are sold to all countries in the world. Affected by customers, and constantly create new records, performance is climbing, everyone in the team gets along well and helps each other, everyone is working hard for the company's next goal!